Github is the place where I bring some of my ideas to life. Here are some of them.


Monako is a multi repository documentation generator. It will like in multiple Git repositories for Markup files, clone the repository and generate an HTML documentation out of it.

I created this because of the need in our project to gather all the documentation generated by 5 teams. We had around 40 repositories that contained documentation in a non-standardized way. Monako merges this documentation in one place and handles differences in structure.


Crongo is a simple database for executing cron jobs. One can run crongo run long_runner and the result of long_runner will be logged into the database. With crongo list all jobs can be accessed and with crongo id viewed in detail.

I’m running lots of little cron jobs on my server. I created this because I could not find a simple logging backend with few dependencies.

Commute Tube

Commute Tube is a wrapper around youtube-dl. It will loop through a configuration file and will download all resources such as playlists or YouTube channels with the option of filtering.

When I took a new job and had to commute I wanted to watch videos on train. Since train wifi is spotty at best, this was my solution.

And more …